Welcome to the official TacVue documentation hub.

What is TacVue?

TacVue is a gamified social hub, that offers tools for brands, collectors and creators to build web3 decentralized projects. Launching on the Avalanche Network and powered by the Recharge ($RXG) token, our vision is to provide the most immersive NFT experience with a heavy focus on building network interoperability as our membership base grows. Using historical economies as models for digital economic development, the Recharge token will be rewarded to engaged users of TacVue tools, Avalanche Network & our various counterparts. The application is designed to scale to user preferences by providing engaged community members with further incentives to build, create and collect digital creations.

What's the purpose of TacVue?

Our goal is to build the "one-stop shop" for digital assets that incentivizes creatives to design and build digital concepts for the long term rather than the short term. Social media has fostered a digital environment that makes low quality content a dominant strategy for obtaining social awareness. Our core team disagrees with this model and designed the TacVue protocol to align with creators and collectors rather than third party advertisers. In the long term, we believe that we can create a better alternative to traditional social media using gamification, engagement incentive structures and project tooling. We don't believe in promotional manipulation and taking advantage of our creators.

What can I do on the TacVue Dapp?

The Full Launch will include the three major functionalities that we believe are vital to the future of the platform. 1. The ability to explore high-quality artwork, cosmetics and digital merchandise that is being sold in the emerging Web3 space.
2. The ability to own or sell a digital creations that provides utility or access to "things" you're interested in. The motives to buy a unique digital assets are endless but we believe that these assets are best used as a tool for jumpstarting innovative projects, joining communities that share common interests, and working with esteemed creators.
3. The ability to facilitate future developments of NFT projects and be rewarded fairly for productive engagement with fellow collectors and creators.
This is just the start. Our team will continue developing features that will provide creators and fans with more functionality and features while building out our Multiverse experience. We want to build the world's first Entertainment DAOs without the need for technical terminology or gated linguistics.

What if I don't want to collect anything?

Project discovery is available to anyone that is more interested in exploring high-quality digital creations and interesting web3 projects than investing in them. We allow for members to decide on the future of TacVue projects by designating promotional expenditure to collectors and creators that successfully "engage" them. We do this by providing passive members with the chance to distribute $RXG to the stakeholders that have fostered the best projects before the rest of the market finds out about them. We designed this system to sustain historic creations while building the brands that will dominate our future.

Who developed the TacVue protocol & platform?

This is an ambitious project. While some of us are willing to release our identities publicly, most of us would prefer to remain anonymous while we are still testing out this radical concept. All developers will be revealed exactly 1,000 days after the TacVue Beta is launched.
Just kidding.
Our core team can be found on Linkedin. The three primary co-founders are Sebastian Lueders, Robert Goldsborough III and Brad Myrick. Stalk us at your own risk.
We would like to name Wonderland DAO, OpenSea & Axie Infinity as core contributors to the evolution of the TacVue application, regardless of their affiliation with our team.

Who runs TacVue?

Although we would prefer to pass ownership to engaged users as soon as we open our portal, we believe that there is still a fair amount of development required before we can convert to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization model. We pledge to continue to shift control to our engaged users as we build out the necessary infrastructure for community governance.